Homeowners: Success Story

Waldo & Lyle got its start defending the property rights of homeowners like James Ramsey (see accompanying video) and Evangeline Yoder. Her stream side garden – filled with eye-popping flowers and a graceful swan — was the envy of every gardener in Newport News. That ended when rain started falling on a new neighborhood built uphill from her little sanctuary. The trickle of water in Tender Branch Creek turned into a torrent.


The deluge swamped her garden, undermined trees, silted her pond and even carried away the footbridge over the stream. For years, the City of Newport News stonewalled when she complained, insisting the damage was caused by an “Act of God.” Five years of litigation ended in victory when Waldo & Lyle proved in court that it wasn’t divine providence at all, but municipal engineering carelessness. Yoder never got an apology, but she was awarded $200,000 to fix the drainage and restore the peace and tranquility to her garden.

James Ramsey, Homeowner in Va Beach